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Will the high output power damage my mobile device's battery over time?
Posted by Gomadic Engineering on 02 March 2007 06:57 PM

Very good question, this is where I get the opportunity to squash a myth. The short answer is "NO", Gomadic products will not damage your device over time. Our products supply clean, quality, and constant 5V to your mobile device. Inside your mobile device is a small circuit that watches at the charge level of the internal battery, temperature of the battery, and among other things. This internal circuit is in command of charging, not the Gomadic power supply.

Although, it is very important that the external power supply be of good quality and supply enough current (mA) to allow the internal circuit inside your mobile device to do its job. This is where we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and also where the "high output power" phrase comes from. Our products supply enough current (power) to let the internal charging circuit do its job, if there wasn't enough power the internal circuit would not be able to charge as fast as it would like to. Beware that some power supply / chargers cheat in output power thinking that the customer will never know.

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