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How do I configure my USB cable to act as a modem for Internet Access?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 02 March 2007 07:39 PM

You have a few options on connecting to the internet ...

1) Install your phone and Gomadic Data cable as a USB modem to connect to the internet, see instructions at the bottom of this page.

2) OR ... Select by Mobile Phone Provider Connection Manger software, not all cell phone carriers supply connection software.

- Cingular Dial Manger Cingular's web site.
(Cingular webpage help )

- Nextel Dial Manger Nextel's web site
(Nextel webpage help or
iDen help )

- Nokia PC software download here

- T Mobile Dial Manger, you will have to look at T-Mobiles webiste, thier link changes often.

- Sprint Dial Manger can also be downloaded at Sprint's web site 

- Verizon Dial Manger can be downloaded at Verizon's web site, also they have a mp3 manager for thier line of phones available for download free here

3) OR ... Phone Manufactures also provide software and drivers. The following companies have excellent help sites in finding the right software for your phone. If you don't see your phone manufacture continue to the next step.

- Samsung phones: Go to Samsung's help web site and search by your model of phone. Such as Samsung PCStudio for D807 family of mobile phones. Many times the software comes with the phone but can be downloaded if your original CD is no longer available.
- Motorola phones: Go to Motorola's help web site learn more about getting connected, software available here and here
- Sony Ericsson phones: Go to Sony Ericsson's web site to download software.
Treo 700w, Motorola Q, PPC/XV 6700, Samsung I730/I830, T-Mobile MDA, Cingular 8125 or any other Windows Mobile phone; see

what if my connection doesn't work? You may need to follow one of these special instructions, also check your manual, we may not have the shortcut listed here.
- Samsung T809 as a modem , set the following in the Menu->Settings->Phone Settings->USB Settings->Set to Modem Settings
- Blackberry as a Modem for a Laptop instructions found here
Treo 700w, Motorola Q, PPC/XV 6700, Samsung I730/I830, T-Mobile MDA, Cingular 8125 or any other Windows Mobile phone; see

How to setup your CDMA phone modem manually with Windows XP

(this method is the "manual" way of connecting to the internet with your cell phone, I sugguest also looking at this Gomadic Support Artical that talks about using existing software provided by your cell phone company to dial to the internet)


Download drivers here, Next, plug the data cable into your phone, and plug the USB end into your PC. The ever-lovable Hardware Wizard should appear:

You can let Window Update search for a compatible driver if you had trouble locating yours, but otherwise select No, not this time and we'll go ahead and select the driver since we already know where it is. Click Next.

The Wizard will now want to know if you will let it try and install the device drivers automatically:

Wizard is not terribly wizardly in this regard, so we're going to choose the Advanced route, Install from a list or specific location. Click Next. The Wizard will try once again to take over, so in the next dialogue select "Don't search", I will choose the driver to install and click Next.

Now we choose what type of device we're installing: Modems.

The next dialog box will tell you that Windows didn't find any drivers, but we're not surprised because we wisely never let it search for any. Just click "Have disk." You'll get the familiar "browse to find your file" dialogue. Click Browse, find the driver for your phone, then click "OK." You should now be presented with an "Install New Modem" dialogue:

Your phone modem should show up in the "Models" pane. You may get a warning message that "This driver is not digitally signed!" and, when you click next, you get another warning that says installing the software can impair or destabilize the operating system, Don't panic.

With your new modem installed now you can setup a dialup connection. Some service providers will provide a dialup number or you can use your own ISP. Setup the modem as you would any modem. Here are some dial settings available by cell phone carrier:

phone number: #777
user name: leave blank
password: leave blank

phone number: #777
user name:
password: vzw

phone number: *99***1#
password: CINGULAR

AT&T & T-Mobile
phone number: *99***1#
user name: leave blank
password: leave blank

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