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How do I configure my mobile phone to connect to my Windows Mobile (PocketPC) PDA?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 02 March 2007 08:16 PM

Configuring your Windows Mobile based PDA to communicate with your mobile phone can be a little tricky at first, but once the configuration is set up properly, subsequent uses are as easy as hitting the "connect" button!  The basic directions are as follows:

On your PDA...

  1. Select Start then "Settings"

  2. Tap on Connections Tab 

  3. Tap on Connections Icon

  4. Tap on "Add a new modem connection"

  5. Enter Connection name (any name is fine)

  6. Select Modem as "Hayes Compatible on COM1:

  7. Tap Next

  8. Enter phone number exactly as it should be dialed on phone

  9. Enter User ID and Password (usually domain is left blank)

    1. Tap Advanced

    2. Set Baud rate to 19,200

    3. Tap "OK" in top right corner

  10. Tap Finished

  11. Tap the "Manage existing connections" link

  12. Select connection (you named it in Step 5)

  13. Tap and Hold on connection name and select "Connect"

Note:  If you are using Verizon wireless, then you may use the following settings for Steps 8-10.

Step 8:  Enter the number as #777 (note the # sign is very important) and tap Next

Step 9:  For User ID = <your phone number> (ie.  For password use vzw

Step 10: Tap Finish

If you have an LG phone please refer to these special instructions

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