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How do I configure my PDA to connect to my Palm based PDA?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 02 March 2007 08:33 PM

Configuring your Palm based PDA to communicate with your mobile phone can be a little tricky at first, but once the configuration is set up properly, subsequent uses are as easy as hitting the "connect" button!  The basic directions are as follows:

Preferences / Connections

  1. Create a new connection called Phone
  2. Connect to "PC" (note: Not modem)
  3. Via Cradle/Cable
  4. Tap Details
  5. Set connection speed at 19200
  6. Set Flow control to on
  7. Tap OK
  8. Tap OK

Preferences / Network

  1. Create a new Service Called Wireless
  2. Set connection to Phone
  3. Enter your ISP's User ID (for verizon wireless specific instructions please look at the bottom for these settings)
  4. Enter your ISP's password
  5. Tap Advanced
  6. Tap Script
  7. Enter the following Script
    1. SEND:  ATDT(your ISP number) - Note:  replace the (your ISP number) with the phone number to your ISP
    2. SEND CR:
    3. DELAY: 25
    4. END:
  8. Tap OK
  9. Tap OK
  10. Tap Connect

You should see your phone light up and dial the phone number, log on and connect.

Attention Verizon Users:

Verizon has set up some special settings are available to their customers.  If you are on Verizon's network, please use the following settings:

User ID  = <your phone number> (ie.
Password = vzw

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