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I am trying to connect my phone to my PDA, but when I try to connect, nothing happens on my phone.
Posted by D. Martinelli on 02 March 2007 08:36 PM

Usually when there is no communication between your PDA and your phone, one of the following configuration issues exist:

1.  If connecting with a high-speed capable phone, often the connection speed that you have set up on your handheld is different from the speed settings on the phone.  An examples of this would be the phone is configured to connect at 115,200 Kbps, but the PDA is set to 19,200.  To resolve this, make sure the two speeds are set to match.  Please note that many high speed phones default to 115200 speeds (especially LG's!)

2.  If you are using a phone that is selectable between USB and serial, please make sure the phone is set to serial (ie. RS232).  If you are using an LG or Audiovox phone, try the following sequence.

For LG5350, category_font, 8, 9, 4, 2 (should be set to RS232 and NOT USB).

For VX4400, category_font, 8, 6, 2 (should be set to RS232 and NOT USB).

For LG VX6000/4500/4600/5450, category_font, 9, 6, 2 (should be set to RS232 and NOT USB).

For Audiovox 8900/8410 (AKA VI600).  Please follow the following sequence:

  1. Flip open your phone and make sure you are at the main screen
  2. Press “##7678” or “##PORT” followed by the “end call key”
  3. Press down and press “ok” to enter the data category_font
  4. Scroll over RS232C and press the “ok” key (a confirmation screen should tell you RS232C is activated)
  5. Press the “end call key” to take you back to the main screen
  6. Press “##2283” or “##BAUD” followed by the “end call key”
  7. scroll over 115200 and press the “ok” key (a confirmation screen should tell you 115200 is activated)
  8. It should then automatically take you to the main screen

For LG VX8000/VX8100/VX8300/etc.

0000000 (7 zeroes)
4 (for data)
Set to UART1
Set to 115200

2.  If you sometimes connect an external keyboard to your computer, you need to make sure the software is disabled.  Keyboards tend to "hog" the baseport of the PDA and prevent the phone from dialing through the port.  Once the software is disabled, this issue is usually resolved.

3.  The physical connections are not making proper contact.  Make sure the connections are securely attached to the cube, the PDA and phone.

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