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Will Gomadic's mounts send the sound through my stereo system?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 05 March 2007 01:48 PM
While our auto mounts do not have the integrated circuitry to act as FM transmitters (to send the sound through the stereo speakers), there are add-on products on the market which will work well with our mounts to do so. You would want the FM transmitter that connects to the headphone jack (rather than the base port) of the device and then it could be used in conjunction with our auto mounts.

We do offer a FM transmitter for many devices. Our new FM transmitter will not only charge your device but also rought the sound from the 3.5mm headphone jack to a FM transmitter broadcasting the sound so you can listen to your device on your car radio.  Search our website for your device model, if we offer a FM transmitter for that device it will be in the list. If you don't see it send us an email maybe we forgot to list it or maybe it is not supported with your device, either way we appreciate your feedback. Use the "email us" link at the bottom of this page.

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