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Do you have directions for attaching the Flexible Windshiled Mount?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 07 March 2007 04:34 PM
Please find the following instructions for mounting a Gomadic Windshield Mount.

Step 1: Clean the surface (ie. the windshiled) where you plan on attaching the suction cup
Step 2: Remove the white film from the suction up.
Step 3: Loosen the tension control nut as much as possible without letting it fall off the bolt.
Step 4: Press and hold the suction cup against the glass.
Step 5: While holding the suction cup, tighten the tension control wheel. (Be sure not to over tighten it as you can pull it off the glass)
Step 6: Gently bend the flexible rod to the viewing angle of choice.

Please note that the threads on the nut for the tension control wheel run deeper on one side than the other. Be sure to have the threads that run deeper facing towards the suction cup for best results.

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