How can I connect my Samsung m610 to my PC?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 06 June 2007 03:02 PM

We received this information from one of our customers and the directions work great!

1. Download the modem driver package from

2. Disable the phones modem NAI by selecting MENU > # > 1 > 0 > Your msl number > 9 > off > ok

3. Restart your phone then connect it to your laptop via USB.

4. Create a New Connection (using WinXP) by selecting Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections > File > New Connection > Next > Next

5. Select "Set up my connection manually" > Next > Next

6. Enter the name of the ISP which will be "SprintPCS" and click on Next

7. Enter #777 and click on Next

8. Uncheck "make this the default connection" and click on Next

9. Check "add shortcut to my desktop" and you're done!

With the phone still connected, double click the SprintPCS shortcut on your desktop, click on Properties and make sure the SAMSUNG CDMA modem is selected.

While you're in Properties, why not tweek the settings a bit.. with the CDMA modem selected, click on Configure and set the max. speed to 921600 kbps.

Heres one little bit of trouble I was having. Towards the end of the installation, a prompt came up asking me to disconnect the usb and reconnect it. It did that several trimes. I aborted install thinking it wasnt going to work, but sure enough it worked perfect. I noticed it was going to work, because on the screen is said "usb connected". I also want to clarify that you do not need a pam plan for this to work. Just make sure you disable the nai. I hope this helps out some.

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