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I received my miniUSB tip but it doesn't seem to fit my HTC family smartphone.
Posted by Gomadic Engineering on 07 September 2007 02:58 PM

If you own a HTC Mogul, Sprint PPC-6800, AT&T / Cingular 8525 or similar device, I understand why you might think the miniUSB TipExchange tip you received may look like it doesn't fit. It turns out the new tips used on these phones is backwards compatible with the miniUSB tip your received. Here is what the tip you received should look like and what the connector on the bottom of the phone looks like:

If you happened to have the OEM wall charger that came with the phone you will see that the tip we sent you is the exact same size and shape. You may be wondinerg about a Y adapter that was also included in your OEM box. This Y adapter is only needed if you want to charge the phone and use the headset at the same time. Otherwise to just charge the phone plug the charger directly into the phone. Using the supplied Gomadic TipExchange tip simply plug it in. The connector is keyed so there is only one way it can be plugged in. Here are a couple more photos illustrating this process.

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