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Standard Tip Sizes
Posted by Gomadic Engineering on 21 November 2008 01:02 PM

We have several standard size and shape tips that may meet your needs. If you know what size or shape of tip you need than take a look a this list. Be careful, just becasue the tip fits doesn't mean it will properly charge.  There are other considerations please email us if you don't know what tip you need.  Use the email link at the bottom of this page.

This list is intended for developers, technicians, and engineers.  If you don't understand the list then you should not use it.

The size of the round connector is stated by Outside Diameter x Inside Diameter in mm
(you can click on the link to see a picture of what the tip looks like)

2.3mm_x_0.7mm_Round_Barrel_5V_[Tip 26]

3.0mm_x_1.0mm_Round_Barrel_5V_[Tip 72]

3.2mm_x_1.0mm_Round_Barrel_5V_[Tip 71]

3.5mm_x_1.1mm_Round_Barrel_5V_[Tip 27]

4.0mm_x_1.7mm_Round_Barrel_5V_[Tip 29]

miniUSB_[Tip 21] STANDARD data and power pins

microUSB_[Tip 68] STANDARD data and power pins

USB_Female_Receptacle_[Tip 64] STANDARD data and power pins

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