Knowledgebase: SunVolt Solar Station
Will the SunVolt solar panel work through a window?
Posted by Gomadic Engineering on 07 November 2012 12:38 PM
While it is possible for light to stream through windows in route to an inside based SunVolt, there are variables that can affect the performance of the system.  For example, if the windows are tinted (as many are) this could adversely affect the performance by filtering out some of the “good” rays that the panel needs.  If the windows have a screen on the outside that the light must pass through, this also will adversely affect the performance.  If you are trying your SunVolt inside, and it is not performing well, it is best to try to isolate the issue, by testing the SunVolt outside first.  If it works outside, than there is likely some factor being introduced by the window that is diminishing the effectiveness of the system.

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