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My SunVolt does not seem to be working. Can you help me?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 07 November 2012 01:15 PM

There are many factors that can affect the performance of the SunVolt including:


·Clearness of day


·Time of day


·Place of SunVolt (e.g. outside or through a window)


·Your Location (e.g. distance from the equator affects performance)


·Type (and number) of device(s) being charged (e.g. high draw device like tablet/smartphone or low draw device like eBook/BT Headset.)


Regardless, of the issue, the best way to troubleshoot is by doing the following steps:


1.Check Connections:Make sure both the circuit and the charging tips are firmly connected. They will be firmly connector when the connection “snaps” in place.Sometimes even a small gap between the male and female connector can cause the connection to not function properly.


2.Ideal Condition Test:To best isolate as many variables as possible a simple test in good conditions is in order.This includes:





a.Test the SunVolt on a relatively clear/sunny day,


b.Test the SunVolt outside (e.g. not through a window),


c.Make sure the SunVolt is angled towards the sun,


d.Run the test during prime sun times (e.g. usually from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM),


e.Test by charging only a single device.





3. If the ideal conditions test does not work, please contact us as there may be a problem.If it does work, then it may be that one or more of the environmental variables are adversely affecting the performance (e.g. trying to charge too many devices at once, too cloudy of a day, etc.).


Whatever the issue is, we are here to help you.Please contact us and we will work with you until we get your system working properly.


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