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The tip will not fit my SunVolt charging port?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 12 November 2012 01:20 PM

There are two different sizes of cable couplers with the SunVolt (and SunVolt MAX) systems; 2.5mm and 3.5mm.  From the solar panel, there is a 2.5mm female connector which is designed to connect to either our 2.5mm plug on our charging circuit (the cable with a "bump" in it) or the 2.5mm plug on the Car Lighter Adapter cable (sold separately).  These are accessories that are designed for the 12v of power that the solar panel generates.  The other set of cable couplers with SunVolt use 3.5mm (typical headphone plug/jack size) connectors.  These are to link with our TipExchange plugs (that are based on 5.5v or less of power) and therefore must plug in after the charging regulation circuit.  So if you are trying to plug your 3.5mm TipExchange plug directly to the 2.5mm female adapter from the panel, there is a good reason these do not fit!  Please make sure you connect your circuit first to avoid damaging the electronics.

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