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Samsung USB Driver
Posted by - NA - on 17 September 2008 03:21 PM
Works with the following models:

A411 D510 E250 X120 Z150
A412 D520 E500 X200 Z230
A701 D528 E570 X210 Z400
A707 D800 E590 X800 Z400i
A801 D807 E780 X820 Z510
A807 D808 E788 X828 Z520
C520 D820 E870 X830 Z530
F300 D828 E878 X920 Z540
D830 E890 X830 Z540v
M610 D840 E900 U420 Z548
P108 D870 E970 U600 Z550
P300 D900 E908 U700 Z560
P308 D900i T509 U740 Z620
P310 D908 T519 i600v Z710
P920 T629 i601 ZV40
T809 i607 BlackJack


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