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Do Gomadic brand chargers support the Chromebook 11?
Posted by on 10 March 2014 10:43 AM

Yes, but at 10 Watts which is slightly lower then the max 15W that the Chromebook 11 can support.

The Chromebook 11 will charge from any USB port without issue but it may not provide 100% of the power needed to keep the laptop charged while it is in use. When using our Gomadic brand chargers the chromebook 11 will report that you are using a "low power charger". The is because the chromebook assumes since the output is below 5.25V that the charger cannot supply up to 3A. The stock OEM charger provides 5.25 vDC with a maximum current rating of 3A. Meanwhile our charger system supports the universal microUSB standard which is 5.0 vDC. This provides our customers to continue to use our TipExchange system. By not having the 0.25 vDC the chromebook devices will not pull at the full capacity (3A). Instead it is rate limited at at a rate lower than 3Amps between 500ma and 2A depending on the voltage output. Their reasoning behind this is so that the chromebook will not try to overdraw the charging source as they have had problems with other customers as reported elsewhere on the web.

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