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When I check my US Mail tracking, it shows that my label was printed, but has not been received? What’s the deal?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 01 March 2007 10:22 PM
As professional shippers, we receive only two scans from the US Postal Service.  One when we print the shipping label and the other when the package is delivered.  When a person brings a package to the counter at the post office and has the Postal Employee generate the label, they get three scans.  One when the label prints, a second when they scan the label and a third when it is delivered.

Since we hand off our orders in shipping boxes several hundred at a time each day, they are placed directly in the mail stream and are not scanned individually by the postal employee.  The postal service actually refers to the service as Delivery Confirmation, rather than tracking since it's designed to confirm delivery rather than track the progress of it (like with FedEx and UPS).

Sort of a long way of saying, if we get 2 scans or 3, the packages get handled exactly the same way and your package should be arriving soon.  When it does arrive, the post mark will confirm that we did indeed ship it when we said we did. Would we lie to you?

Thanks for your patience and we're sorry for all the confusion!

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