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My USB cable came with two different tips? Why?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 02 March 2007 03:17 PM
 Let me take this time to explain with some devices charging vs connecting with a USB cable may require the device to be in two different modes. In some cases we have to build two tips that look the same but have a different tip number and are designed to put the device either one of the two mentioned modes.

One tip is for “USB Data” mode with our USB cable product line. This tip is designed to connect to only the USB port of a PC. While connected it will both sync and charger the mobile device. The second tip is called the “charge only” tip. This one is required when using the USB cable in conjunction with a USB Car or USB Wall charger.

When using our tip selector it will ask what accessory your using your tip with (charger or USB cable) ... simply make your selection and it will jump you to the tip that is needed and show you a picture of what the tips looks like.

Keep in mind that the two tip solution is need only for select models and is mandated by design from the manufacture.  We would love to merge the two modes but in these cases it is not possible.

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