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Do your USB cables include software for exchanging data with a PC? (ie. Contacts, ringtones, wall paper, photos, etc.)?
Posted by D. Martinelli on 02 March 2007 03:29 PM

While our USB cables will support transferring information between your PC and phones, PDA's, MP3 Players, etc ... it requires additional software which is not included. If you want to transfer information such as contacts, ringtones, images, etc., you need additional 3rd party software. Please read on below you will find an answer to many manufactures below, although additional software may need to be purchase separately.


1) Bitpim
There are several providers of information manager software. The first is open source Bitpim. Bitpim is free and supports a wide variety of phones (new ones which are added nearly every week), however, it does not include every phone, so please be sure to check their web site to see if your phone is support.


2) Software made by the cell phone manufacture
If you phone is made buy Samsung, they offer a software for free called "PCStudio", it may be compatible with your phone. Just enter your phone model number the webpage will direct you to their software options. They have two places to search (you must check them both); Samsung Help 1 and
Samsung Help 2

Motorola Help also offers a simular solution, see their help site or here

Sony Ericsson Help offers many software services.

Verizon has a mp3 manager software free to download here


Cell phone providers (ie sprint, verizon, cingular etc) also offer software applications. See this article for more information.


3) Third Party providers (may cost extra)
The other two providers are FutureDial and Data Pilot. Each sell the software for a fee (around $30) and they tend to support a wider variety of phones.


We also offer drivers to download directly off of our website.


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