Herndon , VA : Gomadic Corporation (, the innovative force responsible for redefining the hand held accessories market is proud to announce a new corporate milestone as their TipExchange products now accommodate over 1500 mobile devices. Often imitated but never replicated, the TipExchange removable tip adapters allow consumers to use, for example, just one car charging cable for multiple devices like their iPod, Treo, and Motorola Razor, among hundreds of other options.

Garnering coverage in national media outlets like “PC World,” “Pocket PC Magazine,” and even “The New York Times,” Gomadic is taking both trade and lay markets by storm. In a little over a year since the inception of this new technology, TipExchange devices have increased by 300%, evolving with dramatic force to accommodate an ever-changing and oversaturated technology market in which thousands of manufacturers are vying for optimal positioning.

“Our products now fit more devices than ever before, including: c ell phones, smart phones, mp3 players, portable video players, video games, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, and even GPS receivers,” says Gomadic President Don Cayelli. “So the more tips we produce the more options our customers have,” he says. “In fact, we're set to hit the 3000 mark in the next year when most of our competitors only commit to a handful of tips for the devices with the most marketing hype. In other words, the removable tip concept is moot if your provider isn't committed to supporting as many devices as possible.”

In addition, Gomadic engineers have adapted TipExchange to work with car chargers, wall chargers, USB cables, AA battery extenders, and Gomadic's new double chargers. While productivity is a plus, however, Gomadic's real niche is discovering the products the public needs most and bringing them to market with an eye for eliminating the messy manufacturers' wires littering so many workstations. Moreover, Gomadic prides itself on providing solutions even product manufacturers can't match, making life easier for everyone.

“When I bought my iPod I was disappointed that they didn't include a standard wall charger. This means the only way to charge the thing was through my computer, which is kind of a drag when you're on vacation and you don't want to lug your laptop around,” says Robert Basten, a technician with 3M. “With Gomadic I can get one wall charger for less than half the Apple price and it works for my cell, my PDA, and whatever else I need.”

“When we came up with the idea, we didn't know it would be so huge,” says Cayelli. “But people are catching on. We simply tried to save consumers money with a common-sense product when the big brands are just trying to gouge them--and there you have the formula,” he says. “I think people are just tired of the batteries-not-included philosophy we've been force fed at an early age and are looking beyond corporate letterheads for their solutions these days. We just offer the kind the versatility that all consumers deserve.”

In a market focused on “Device- de-Jour ” thinking, even publicly held technology companies often have trouble keeping up with the output of today's hand held revolution. This is why Gomadic's commitment to customer service and product research as a privately held firm makes them stand out from the crowd.

“Without the competing factions and boardroom politics inherent to the public sector to distract us, we're able to keep a close eye on the newest developments.” Cayelli says. “And knowing your market helps to better serve your customers and those are the people that count.”

About Gomadic

Taking its name from today’s burgeoning class of “nomadic” technology users, Gomadic was formed to help businesses integrate their existing mobile tools with the flexibility, responsiveness, and increased productivity of wireless technology. Their Tip Exchange Technology is just one of the many reliable products Gomadic has created to streamline the mobile marketplace with accessories such as PDA mounts, chargers, adapters, and USB and GPS cables.

Founded by experienced engineers in the mobile solutions marketplace, Gomadic’s mission is to extend our leadership in the design, development, production, marketing, and implementation of mobile technologies that provide anywhere/anytime access to the Internet and other critical systems for today’s nomadic users. Headquartered in the heart of Northern Virginia’s Technology Corridor, Gomadic provides solutions worldwide. For more information, please visit Gomadic’s web site at

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